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Dr. Livingston

Dr. Peter G. Livingston has been in practice as a Retina-trained Ophthalmologist for 12 years. He uses innovative procedures and the latest technologies pertaining to his field of expertise. He was the first ophthalmologist in the ArkLaMiss to embrace sutureless vitrectomies, Avastin Injections for AMD, Diabetes, and retinal vascular disease, and endoscopic vitrectomies. He also is a pioneer in INOFFICE vitrectomy techniques using the Innovit system. His residency and fellowship were completed at USF in Tampa in 1999. Prior to residency, Dr. Livingston was involved in basic research in viralimmunology; one of several areas in which he is a published author. Dr. Livingston practiced in Louisiana for 10 years and was the founder of the N.E. Louisiana Low Vision Group.

His business and family accountant, Elbert Via, said he would be forever grateful to him and his professionalism. When other doctors told Mr. Via he was going blind, that nothing could be done, and he should sell his accounting practice. Dr. Livingston gave him hope and saved not only his eyesight but his livelihood. Mr. Via is just one of the thousands of patients Dr. Livingston has helped, even when others could not.

Dr. Livingston is a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where his family still resides. His father, Curt suffered many lifelong complications from diabetes. This was a major influence on Dr. Livingston’s choice to treat diabetic eye disease. The impersonal “assembly line” approach to eye care his father often received convinced Dr. Livingston that a new patient centered approach to retinal care was required.


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