Referring Physicians

Dr. Livingston and the Macula and Diabetic Eye Center, LLC strive to earn your trust and confidence.  Any patients referred to us will always be treated ethically and with respect.  The Golden Rule dictates our treatment of all patients.  Our office is fully equipped with State of the Art diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.  We have a minor procedure room capable of treating the majority of retinal detachments we encounter, as well as, a variety of other procedures, including simple vitrectomy.  Dr. Livingston maintains privileges at two major hospitals in the area – each with fully equipped eye suites.  Although Dr. Livingston has extensive surgical experience, he believes surgical intervention is often the last resort with many disease processes, and works with the patient to craft an appropriate individualized plan of treatment.  Most serious eye diseases can be treated in this office.  Dr. Livingston does not, however, refract patients or provide glasses or contact lens prescriptions.  If the referring physician does not provide these services, Dr. Livingston will recommend a quality provider to assist the patient with their optical needs.

In this era of expensive Anti-VEGF therapies, Dr. Livingston will typically recommend Avastin injections initially.  Lucentis and Eylea injections are offered if the patient requests them, or if response to Avastin is sub-optimal.  Generic medications are recommended whenever prudent.  This can add up to substantial savings for your referred patient without diminishing outcomes.

Local Referrals

Dr. Livingston maintains a flexible schedule with a single office location.  This means he is able to see eye emergencies either immediately or on the same day.  Emergent patients sent to our office should not eat or drink anything and should come directly to the office without delays.  Urgent after-hours cases can be seen at 9:00 AM the following morning.  After-hours emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis by contacting Dr. Livingston directly through our call center.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate your concerns.  Dr. Livingston is always available by phone to answer questions regarding your patients, but for obvious medical-legal reasons cannot diagnose patients he has never seen over the phone.  New patient referrals will always generate a short letter with a copy of the visit note(s) to the referring physician.

Out of State Referrals

Dr. Livingston has been a practicing retina specialist since 1999.  He currently has a solo, retina-specific practice, but has worked in large multi-specialty ophthalmic clinics in the past.  Please feel free to review his CV.  Due to our location in Bradenton, Florida, we see many seasonal patients with retinal and other serious eye diseases.  Our clinic strives to work in concert with out of state, Canadian, British and other referring physicians to ensure seamless continuity of care.  Although treatment plans will always be in the patients’ best interest, preference is given to maintaining existing treatment strategies to better facilitate reintegration with your practice when the patient returns.  We always recommend that the patient get a hard copy of our treatments notes to present to you upon their return.


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