"I was referred to Dr. Livingston’s office after I had my eye examined by another eye care specialist and found that I had a torn retina.  The physician called Dr. Livingston and scheduled an appointment for that Friday evening.  Even though Dr. Livingston was already done working for the week, he made a special effort to be back in the office late Friday evening to examine me once again and see what type of treatment would be best.  Dr. Livingston found that my retina had become detached by the time I arrived to his office.  He was extremely thorough in his explanation of what I needed to do and why it was imperative to get it done quickly so I wouldn’t go blind.  Since it was so late on Friday, he did not have any staff in the office to assist him.  He completed all the necessary paperwork and surgery by himself.  When all was complete it was well after 9:00 pm Friday night.  He never once complained about being there late or coming in after hours.  He had a smile, was polite, and was courteous to me throughout the whole process.  His smile only reassured me that he was confident and that I would be okay.  Dr. Livingston is an incredible Doctor and it showed with him coming in after hours, the smile on his face, and the confidence he portrayed.  Everything he advised me about the surgery and recovery process was completely accurate and I am grateful to Dr. Livingston for the wonderful job he did and for allowing me my vision!"   - S. Mueller

Mr. Mueller underwent in-office retinal detachment repair on his right eye and has done very well with return to 20/25 vision in that eye.

"Many thanks to Dr Livingston and his staff.   My eye surgery was very scary and they supported me with information and a positive outlook for a good result.  I am a real chicken and they took great care of me. My eye is in really good shape now.   I don’t know what I would have done without their efficient, confident care."  - N. Perrin

Ms.  Perrin presented with 20/200 vision due to a macular hole in the left eye.  She underwent repair with return of vision to 20/30 level.

"Dr Livingston is a great communicator. He explains in detail your condition and treatment options. The wait is always minimal, no long lines backed up for hours on end. His staff is fabulous!"   - E & J Needham

Mr. Needham presented with 20/100 vision in the left eye due to retinal disease caused by a rare connective tissue disorder.  His left eye vision has now stabilized at the 20/50 level.

"When I went to Dr Livingston, I could not see well enough to drive.   I’m a young guy with diabetes and was worried this vision loss was permanent. He didn’t promise me anything, but said he would work with me on a treatment plan he felt could help me. He told me he wouldn’t do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. He started me on injections in my eyes and repaired a detached retina in my right eye.   My vision in my bad eye is now 20/25.  I can certainly drive now.  His staff is so friendly and caring also."  - D Harris

Mr. Harris presented with a severe form of diabetic eye disease about a year ago.  His vision then was count fingers in the right eye and 20/100 in the left eye.  With intensive treatments which have included eye injections, surgery to repair severe tractional retinal detachment, and laser procedures; his vision has returned to 20/25 in the right eye and 20/50 in the left eye.  The most important aspect of Mr. Harris’ remarkable recovery, however, is that he aggressively took control of his disease with weight loss, blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol control.

"My wife and I think Dr Livingston is an excellent surgeon.  I had an emergency on a weekend and he was the only doctor that would come in on his Saturday to help me.  My regular ophthalmologist’s office refused to see me.  I lost vision in my eye due to a serious condition and he has restored my sight in that eye.  His staff came in on Saturday to assist him. The office is wonderful."  - B. Dunn

Mr. Dunn had a rapidly advancing retinal detachment of his right eye with multiple retinal tears.  He was urgently repaired at Manatee Memorial Hospital that day with scleral buckle and vitrectomy surgery.

"For three years, Dr. Peter Livingston has been treating me for wet Macular degeneration.  He is an amazingly knowledgeable and efficient Specialist, and a kind and considerate person.  He and his office manager/nurse, Deb Caterino, who is a positively bubbly personality, have worked hard to help me fight the disease.  I feel fortunate to have found them and grateful that they, along with their staff, are helping save my eyesight.  I highly recommend Dr. Livingston."   - J. Small

Ms. Small has bilateral wet macular degeneration which can be a challenge to control.  She has maintained 20/30+ vision in both eyes to date.


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